Thursday, August 14, 2014

McDo Dates

The last time the boyfriend and I dated was I dunno-when-exactly two weeks ago. That was a quickie meal at McDo too and I realized their friend chicken really leaves a lot to be desired for. We've been struggling to find a suitable schedule for a regular rendezvous ever since he started law school in June and I had to go back to the graveyard shift.

I was initially apprehensive that I couldn't have enough time in his company. Sure, messages over text and phone calls are there but they really can't replace the good ole look-me-in-the-eye conversations over cold pasta and bland iced tea. You get what I mean. I'm certain he felt the same way if not more (lol, assuming). I still get these messages from him that I'd get tired with the lack of his physical presence and I'd feel like I'm set aside as a second priority to his educational pursuit. The selfish guy in me would say "Of course, I would be! We should be visiting places, making out til our lungs run out of air, talking til our mouths are dry, having mad sex, creating memories together not just daydreaming for them to happen like the single folks out there. I am entitled to it for chrissakes!" But then the sane part of my brain would think how he must be feeling the same way or prolly worse. I'm sure it's difficult to be in his shoes to have to plod through the hell fire of law school and still have to worry about how we stand in our relationship. I realize that other couples may have worse issues to wrestle with but our dilemma is as real as theirs and I would hate to take it lightly just to end up miserable later.

Admittedly, we haven't had much success in our goal to meet in a regular basis. Our dates are more like the spontaneous kind in the most unromantic fashion imaginable (see McDo date above). I ain't complaining though I sound like I am. Haha. Our setup made me realize the value of our time together. (Not that I didn't before.) He insists that he has a role as a boyfriend and will try his best to make time for me but I too insist that as his partner, I should be understanding of his plight. After all, it's just some five years of limited physical encounters and I can have him all to myself afterwards granted he doesn't work too much. :)


  1. ok, hello andre grey or maybe grey andre :)

  2. messaged you... need your advise

  3. made me realize that I am not putting much value to the time I'm spending with my boyfriend everyday. it's like an everyday Mcdo date but at least do get to spend time together most of the time

    1. I'd take everyday McDo dates over once in a while out-of-town trips. :-)


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