Thursday, January 2, 2014

How Not to Start Your Year

As an act of civility and an effort to bridge the distance I have placed between myself and the past, I sent an ex a new year greeting earlier today. Being the extra-stupid guy that I am, I missent the message to the partner. No, their contact entries in my phone are very much far apart - the ex is 'd' while the partner is a 'j'. It's just that my fingers reflexively type the partner's name whenever I would send an sms. My fingers are not known to have functioning cerebral powers, you see, and so am I.

And boy, did it get ugly. The partner was infuriated, extremely disappointed, seething like Mt. Vesuvius about to submerge Pompeii in its molten anger. I stood my ground. I didn't do anything wrong, I told myself and him. Just because I want to open communication with an ex or another guy doesn't mean I'm cheating. Sound reasoning, yes? Wrong. So we fought. Like mad cats. But then, I realized I wasn't right to not have given him fair warning about it. I'm pretty sure I would be mighty pissed too had I found out he is keeping tabs on another guy, especially an ex-flame. And that I could be blind to other people's feelings, even the ones I care about, when I think I'm right. Which isn't really the best way to handle relationships.

Am I being under the saya? I dunno. I couldn't care less, really. I just know that there are things not worth having an argument over. Like this one.


  1. Very mature of you to still try and talk to your ex. You could have told your partner ahead though but yet again that is not worth arguing for :) Great blog I hope to be reading more from you this year :)

  2. At my age, maturity is a requirement. Haha. And thank you, I intend to write as much as I used to. Have a nice year ahead.


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